find yourself hopelessly lost.

{ a letter to my present self }


I’ve been aching for clarity, praying for signs and searching for guidance. ‘Who the bloody hell am I? What do I need to be doing?’ I trick myself in to believing I need an outside source to navigate my life for me, rather than trust in the map of my intuition. I know who I am. We all do. All it takes is some silence and a sacred space.

So, this is me.

I believe in magic and I trust the crazy ones, I can't help but distance myself from 'normal' people talking about average things. I miss the haven of a home that doesn’t exist and find comfort and sanctuary in beautiful things like Indian throws and candles found at op shops. Ultimately though, peace finds me in nature and solitude. I like the space around my heart and the expanse of the desert, the first light of day and the divine connection that turns a stranger in to a friend. I'll never see it all but I'll give it a go, for new views and the taste of faraway air will forever intrigue me. I've spent days without words with my face in books and showered naked alongside silent strangers facing foreign forest. I've felt like I'm in hell in tropical paradise and found heaven in the loneliest of places, subconsciously seeking pain and enlightenment wherever I go. I've met the present moment and listened to aboriginal dreamtime under the stars, meditated in caves and found smiling faces in crystals and the moon. I am wherever I am supposed to be, trusting the path unseen.

I always find my truth when I am wandering. Alignment finds me when I let go of finding myself.

Sweet synchronicities taste like Life itself, keeping me hungry on this quest for cosmic knowledge. I measure my life in moments of magnificence. Maybe its not just happiness I am after; it’s the search, it’s the wandering - it’s the losing of mySelf in the pure magic of feeling alive that I am truly living a dream.

Are you lost, too, wild heart?

Our very humanness drives us to be content with the average, the ego attempting to keep us small by being just satisfied enough to not go after anything risky or uncomfortable.

But there is a knowing in you that there is more. A longing to meet moments of your wildest imagination. To express with mess.

When you decide to live with spirit you chase down the things that you know will make you stretch, hunt and gather collections of adventure and awe. When we are seeking, we are moving forward, we are evolving. Even though the original motive is to ‘get’ something – more peace, more love, more happiness – from perhaps a place of lack, we realise on the search that we actually receive more than we could have ever imagined. Teachings, lessons learned and the space within your heart that reaches what you had previously believed full capacity, explodes with delight with the sheer thrill of being so lost, you are found.

Can you taste the gold dripping from those moments of allowing yourself adrift?

Hopelessly romantic with the moment. Ultimate expansion.



Don’t let the world tell you that you need fixing. That your choices are the wrong ones, or the non-ideals of society or your parents. They are the right ones, your journey of choices. It’s all leading you back where you came from anyway. Home. Home to light, to love, to truth. So it’s okay to take the scenic route.

Embrace your messy spirit.

The dreams of a career that doesn’t involve a lot of stability or money but sets your soul on fire, or the one that involves simple being happy in whatever job you’re in. Express your inner child, be a freak. Be You.

Because you are perfect, in all the divinely human ways.

Go get lost.

Be free in your wandering hopelessness,