An ode to a young heart with a wise mind.

young-heart-wise-mind I see you. I know you yearn for more. You have it written on the blueprint of your soul, the maps of your past. Your restless spirit knows it is here to get out and explore the world, and it’s getting hard to hold the door shut. You’re sick of whispering ‘soon’ to that wishful longing, done with putting it to bed early and suppressing your expression with uniform. I know you’re aching for new and nostalgia at the same time, because I do it too. I know you’re scared about the not-knowing, that the variables of the unknown path keep you awake at night. Glassy eyes dreaming of a time that you felt safe.

You are here now. Held and Home. You always have been, but we humans find it more real when there is a specific date that our freedom is handed over to us. Do not be disappointed if tomorrow feels like just another day. You are free now, remember? Wake with gratitude for the lift-off in to a vast sky of constellations you can choose from to dance upon. Infinity is intimidating, but be led by your intrigue and inspiration.

Explore what makes you feel good and name your desires. Lean in to them with a playful perspective and look back on your life with love.

I don’t know much - I’m still finding my feet but my cha-cha with the cosmos has left me here: you gotta make clarity a priority, curiosity your driver and gratitude your God. You don’t need an acceptance in to University to consciously create with the Universe. Find joy in being hopelessly lost.

Surrender to your youth and time will be kind to you – this is your all access pass to mischief, fuckups, euphoric emptiness and illuminating connection, radical chance-taking and big brave bold dreaming.

So tinker with shit until you find it boring, then understand the cycle of ebb and flow and learn to let go. Ask the good questions and stay wide-eyed and wonder-fuelled. Move out of home to a new land and choose your family. You’ll realize that blood bond is strong when you’re far away. Smile at the never-ending questions that fling subtle shit at your beliefs or lifestyle or interests. You do know best, just try to make the space to listen. Allow your truth to come up for air every so often when you’re wearing a mask (because it’s okay to play dress ups sometimes. Experimenting as other characters will leave you more sure of Who You Actually Are.) The hard stuff is contrast, nothing more, to the things you really want to feel. Make every decision an adventure to traveling to those feelings.

Be free to fly now,  and may you soar.


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