21 things this year taught me


It’s been a helluva year. Turbulent at times, an emotional rollercoaster and many magical moments.

But as I sit here, on my 22nd birthday I can confidently say it’s been a massive 12 months of practicing trust, learning vulnerability, nurturing relationships and activating fierce feminine freedom. I feel stoked to be here, in my skin, confident that the New Year ahead is going to be MORE of all the juicy stuff – illuminated adventures, creative endevours, bold and blessed synchronicities and wild joy, all guided by the compass of my own heart.

Here are 21 learnings and lessons that I hope I really know by next birthday…

  1. Tinker with shit, explore everything and try different things on for size. But immersing yourself in to one project/activity undistracted will reap more benefits than half-assing 17 things at once. I know – you think you’ll get bored with single pointed focus. You won’t. You’ll improve.
  2. Get clear on how you want to feel most of the time, and allow those desires to be the driving forces of your life.
  3. All money does is buy a feeling you want to feel.
  4. Stillness and solitude are as important as movement and connection.
  5. Bring the best version of yourself to the workplace. People are emitting energy and we take that on. Spread the good vibes.
  6. Make gratitude your God.
  7. Embrace intense vulnerability. The more transparent you can be, the richer your relationships, as we all need to feel seen/hear/understood and can do this by practicing empathy.
  8. For the ladies - Awaken the divine feminine and start adoring your succulent wild woman! She will bring more confidence to your stride, bounce to your personality and closer to your natural state.
  9. That nagging feeling that tugs at you inside? Listen to it. The first time. Its always got your best intentions at heart (even if it doesn’t seem logical).
  10. Relax about food. Yes, you’re getting enough nutrients. Eat whole foods, simple. When you don’t, enjoy the moment and move one. Life is for pleasure, and when half the world is starving, we can be grateful and present enough to develop a healthy relationship with what we put in our mouths.
  11. Presence is the ultimate superpower. It expands time and brings you closer to the real You and out of the way of the busy mind Ego. Let time dissolve and be captured in wonder and awe like a child.
  12. Incorporate rituals in to your daily life. They may end up being your saviour when times are grey. These can be as simple as blessing your food, recalling the day with thanks before bed or looking at yourself in the mirror and saying ‘I love you.’ Powerful.
  13. Let go of what needs to go. Relax and release. You’re safe without it.
  14. Be nude more often. You’ll start loving yourself more for all the beauty that you are. And hello freedom!
  15. Don’t over consume content. Take that time to create your own and experiment with your new found knowledge and how it suits your inner guidance system.
  16. Respect and honour your physical and emotional cycles. This is a big one (especially for the wild women..) it just doesn’t make SENSE that our bodies can perform the same way in different times of emotion, situation or physical energy. We have hormone rollercoasters, the moon pulling at our tides and life situations begging for our attention. One day, we can run 10km and eat salad but the next we may need rest and chocolate. AND THAT IS OKAY.
  17. If synchronicities occur often, youre on the right path.
  18. Yes, the dots connect. But only by looking back. Let curiosity guide you, rather than safety and rationality.
  19. Relationships are life’s greatest teachers and gifts of experiencing love – nurture all of yours.
  20. Nothing goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.
  21. Form beliefs about what you believe to be true and live by them, but listen with love to others opinions and be prepared to change all of yours as you learn more about the world. We must be prepared for endless waves of transformation.

And for this year – find yourself hopelessly lost. We can have it all, just not all at once. Immerse yourself in the thrill of it all and choose to do whatever keeps your spirit happy. It knows the way.

 ❀ ❁ ✾ ✽ ❃

Its been a magical year. I read over journals, gratitude lists and letters to form my top 21 lessons from the past year and I know for sure that it was my relationships that both saved me and caused me the most turmoil. I’d love to thank to infinity and beyond Jeremy, Bree, Chelsea, Tara and my family for their endless patience, love and support. I treasure you!





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