The Conscious Yolo.

mermaidyoloThe imperfect blog post that gets published is better than the perfect one that never leaves my desktop.The lazy author residing within is inspired and ready to write like I’ve got some magic to share. So here I am. My first official online presence as a life coach before becoming certified, a yogi with no formal training yet and a healer speaking through my open heart. I hope you trust me. This feels right in the best sense of the word – aligned with my spirit and feeding my soul goals, not necessarily planned and executed in the perfect demeanor; but acting on a gush of inspired thinking.  Lets get weird, shall we?

Just this week I had my first life/dream coaching session, in which I confessed that I’m kinda-over always trying to be aware, bringing myself back to the present moment, and so sick of Louise Hay’s voice as she recites affirmations. I want to put the self-help book down, I want to give the finger to the new-age and scream ‘Let me be fucking free!’

Of course, self-realization is the whole gorgeous, effing point of the journey anyway.

We giggled at the idea of drinking tequila while discussing the meaning of life. A perfect party scene for a walking contradictory like myself. We created a term dedicated to this rising movement of the spirited seekers: The Conscious Yolo.

This is for the ones that have 20 tabs open on their screen with poetry about nature, and end up leaving their computer to go walk by the sea. This is for the ones that drink the glowing green smoothie as well as the cold beer. The ones that radiate positivity yet embrace their shadow side too. The Conscious Yolo is about choosing what feeds your soul for the highest good in that moment, and being aware of how you really desire to feel.

You will skip yoga classes, you will book a spontaneous flight without checking with your boss first, and you will buy that handmade playsuit that makes you feel pretty without the guilt and shame of being materialistic. This is freedom. (which is what we seekers are really hoping to feel at yoga anyway.)

I am a being of stillness and chaos, happiness and struggle, comfort and adventure, wild and solitude. My life is an ongoing experiment of finding divine harmony and integrating all the aspects of myself in to one, gorgeous flow. And I know there’s a tribe of you out there that also think balance is a myth and are happiest when they’re frolicking with their inner child, no matter if it's in fits of hysterical laughter or tantrum.

Our journey to Self is saturated with the seeker within us open for new knowledge. We delight in the receiving of information to fast track our way to self-love and inner peace. The irony of it all however, is that the teachings give us the permission to JUST BE. Just be who we really are, whole in our madness.

Life is an endless offering of contrast, in which we act with completely opposing attributes to cruise through it. Accept this. We draw from all corners of our abilities to get through the things that face us, that is why balance is almost unreal. It is easy to get in to the groove of one approach and overwork it to the point of breakdown. (think: energy, movement, silence, giving, seriousness.) Upon realization that things just aren’t working for you, take the time to choose again. Choose to relax. Choose stillness. Choose connection. Choose self-love. Choose joy. OR choose fun. Choose friends, laughter, memory-making moments. Choose to take that trip, live that dream, write that love letter. Not out of escapism or to fill a void, but out of consciously knowing that you are thirsty for a taste of what it is to be ALIVE.

Be free in your conscious endeavours,