Spending my dog days in India...

dogsofindia The most substantial cure for wander hunger I can get my hands on is a damn good book, a book that takes my lusting-to-get-lost spirit on a journey without leaving my hammock, a book that swallows me whole and sends me to the sensual wonderland of a different place, a book that consumes me completely as I leave my cup of tea to cool and forget to drink it. Polly McGee’s colourful novel ‘Dogs of India’ did just that and more - delivering an unexpected, spicy cultural story with a side of sweet and delectable animal antics.

There’s a common theme behind my favourite entertainment; books like ‘Holy Cow’, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and ‘Shantaram’, films such as ‘Life of Pi’ and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ - the spectacular Indian touch of flair and fear, and the beautiful marriage of the two. For me, India is a foreign and faraway dream, a holy mother land that haunts me in my sleep and often come-hithers her way in to my psyche. She calls me in with flirty temptation, offering spiritual healing and grand adventures… All while looking fabulous in a patterned silk sari. I take any chance I can to get a fraction closer to realising my longing for India, perusing through photographs and coffee table books from op shops and devouring novels written by sassy spirited westerners like Polly.

‘Dogs of India’ struck me as love at first sight with the cover art matching my outfit and everything else I own - a mosaic of purple, pink and blue flashing the silhouettes of the main four-legged characters: Rocky, an abandoned Pariah dog, and his sidekick monkey pal, Yanki.

A good story is like a good curry - mysterious chunks of flavorful ingredients and information are laid out one by one before throwing them into the mix where they mingle and connect in unexpected and delicious ways. ‘Dogs of India’ led me down mysterious alleyways where I inquisitively followed complex scenarios and dodgy moments, curious as to where the situation would end up, and dying to know what happens next. It felt like a choose-your-own-adventure and a guided tour wrapped in one - freedom given to explore the shiny shocks of corruption and cultural workings but when the unfamiliar and uncomfortable played out, the author lovingly held my hand through it. ‘Dogs of India’ is a unique and delightful dish of light-hearted literary gold and heated storytelling that kept me engaged and enchanted the whole way through.

Unpredictable and complex, this book is the perfect getaway for anyone saving for their Bollywood extravaganza holiday or seeking travel and excitement through words on a page.  More than ever, I am ignited on the idea of India, and inspired to live a creative and colourful existence.

For the love of spicy storytelling and Indian fantasies,

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If you're keen to chow down on Dogs of India for yourself, order it (dine in or takeaway) from here >> http://www.theauthorpeople.com/dogs-of-india/