Return of the Yogi: YTT aftermath

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7 weeks ago, 9 strangers came together with the same intention - not only to learn to be a yoga teacher, but to live as a yogi. We came from all different locations and walks of life, each with our own personal soul goals to fulfil, beliefs to battle and desires of what we wanted to get out of an immersion yoga training. Here and now, we are living the yogic tradition and meaning as a united family, having supported and experienced the last 7 weeks together on deep levels through laughter, working and learning.

The clarity in some of our eyes is radiant, the business ideas that have formed are brilliant, the confidence that has risen up from ashes of self-doubt is illuminating. I am so proud of all of us and who we are when we live from a place of truth, expression and love.

The Krishna Village has been a playground for our personal development as people, teachers and friends, a sacred space for our healing journeys and a school for thought. Never in my life have I felt more present - there is certainly a powerful force on this land that is only amplified by the quality of people this farm attracts. In the beginning I wondered how I would cope in a community - there were some doubts and fears surrounding living so closely to others as in ‘real life’ I thrive in solitude but all of my quests for connection were exponentially filled here - it feels like THIS is how life should be lived: for wellness, for spirituality and for the sheer thrill of daily connecting, service and devotion.

Amongst the grand magic of it all, we each faced challenges, Whether it was coming down with a flu, or working with personal health issues, there was always a space to allow to heal. We conquered self-confidence issues and shine like stars up the front of the room teaching, having been thrown in the deep end early on in week two to start teaching parts of public classes. Yoga has a power of ‘bringing up’ emotional weight we hold within the body, so each day we shared vulnerable stories and mind-blowing revelations. Not only did we learn about yogic tradition, literature and practice but we each endevored a personal story of growth, change and transformation.

I approached this training with no expectations and even if I had any, they would have been far exceeded. The value of learning the knowledge of the ancient yoga traditions such as asana (postures), ayurveda, kirtan, meditation and the ashtanga system was gracefully introduced over our time here but physically applying the teachings in our day-to-day life was beyond helpful. I am a feeler-learner; having to actualise the knowledge communicated to me, the immediate integration supported my learning and I got to feel the positive effects right away.

I’ll hold memories of the YTT in my heart dearly, with the joy of connection as the highlight. Amongst teaching, eating, chanting, yoga-ing and living communally we took trips to town together, stargazed, held full moon ceremonies around the fire, cooked group dinners, traded life stories and had road trips to beautiful places together. I’ve never known a family like this one, and I know we’ve shared such a sacred experience as a collective that we will be linked for life.

On the other end of the training - slowly we are parting ways, returning to hometowns or creating new lifestyles. I’m throwing myself in the deep end and teaching 16 classes a week in the tropics of Queensland, Carina is taking her wisdom to Colorado to merge with her interests of natural health, fitness and reiki; Polly is building a tipi in Tassie for her own enchanted practice and starting a kirtan meet up, Jayne is grooving to Guatemala to teach yoga on a volunteer project… the list of wild lives continues with us all as we morph our external environment to match our wide eyes and curious hearts. Yoga truly is a golden gateway to opportunity and creation, as well as a tool to uncover the gems of ourselves and find a daily dose of the Divine. The 9 people that arrived here - some smokers, some lost, some living out of alignment with their truth; others chronic self-doubters, confused about how to connect the dots of their dreams and uber ready to learn more about a life in a mode of goodness - are all different people today. I see the clarity in our conversation, the glow around our bodies, the sparkle in our eyes - the love in our souls. Immersing in to this experience has been the greatest thing I have ever given myself permission to do, all of the self study and intellectual side of the teachings that I’ve collated over the past few years has come together with actually LIVING it, integrating it in to the way I communicate with others, work in the world, share my space and live my truth. Yoga is not the postures - it’s the feeling, the devotion, the peace, love and connection that comes from a spiritual practice.

Big yoga love!

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