What I learned during my first fast

cleanse I just knew it was time. I had begun feeling heavy, even upon waking, and holding emotional weight within my body. My inner guidance system was screaming at me to feel, release, and find light within myself.

Our physical vessels are a widespread universe of processes and you are, literally, what you eat and what you think. I had become more aligned with my personal exploration of nutrition over the last month as part of my move to the tropics, as there aren't as many options that suit my needs to eat out, therefore teaching me to cook at home. I had been curious about slacking off the fructose as inspired by Sarah Wilsons ‘I Quit Sugar’ masterpiece and was ready to jump in head first in to healing my skin. Within a week of subtle tweaking, (hint: if you think you are sugar-sensitive, give up bananas for two weeks and feel tighter in your belly and more radiant skin!) I was clearer on my face and in my mind. That was enough truth to know I was on the right path.

Cleansing has been a curiosity of mine ever since my belly-bloated teenage days, but back then I fed myself white bread and pasta almost every day and took strong drugs three times daily to keep the nausea at bay. Whoda thunk the two were connected?

There has always been resistance to cleansing because it never seems to be the right time, I hadn’t felt prepared emotionally to deal with the lifestyle alterations and to be honest, I had some fear about what feelings would come up for me during this time of listening to the body’s needs.

I fully went for it last week because I had a knowing that in order to release some pretty heavy ‘stuff’, I needed to feel it, not suppress it with cacao. I was also curious about my emotional eating habits, despite the fact I choose healthier options now I still find myself greedy around food and overeating. Finally, I had two intuitive card readings that both gave an answer as ‘detoxification.’ It was time.


: I fucking love food. The experience of eating is a driving force of my existence. I’m one of those people in a restaurant that holds my plate with gratitude and blesses my meal, that thanks the waiter too much and rocks back and forth with delight of taste and texture. I’ll excitedly make fists and say ‘yes!’ in public at a good mouthful and recount fond memories of dinners of the past in detail. I already knew I was food-crazy, and I believe the past 6 days have shown me that I have a great level of gratitude when it comes to what I put in my body. I wholeheartedly believe we can raise the vibration of our food by feeling good about it, and I hope to carry on this skill throughout all my eating endeavours.

: Our brains confuse hunger for love, thirst and solitude. It was  interesting to notice that whenever I felt ‘hungry’ I fed myself reassuring thoughts or some coconut water, and that nagging feeling in my stomach would dissapate. Rather than calories, I felt nourished from affection, connection, nature and self-love rituals. It takes practice, but try to tune in to what your hunger is really telling you.

: Food is a substitute for therapy. In our world, it is so easily accessible to get some feel-good fuel via soft and creamy foods. When we are a little down, our response is to get back ‘high’ with a quick hit of your chosen guilty pleasure. I noticed that when I had an anxious moment or a tiff with my family, my auto-pilot gave me permission to reach for some junk, which was an interesting observation about my ingrained habits. I have learned to become aware of these responses and will continue to make conscious choices in future familiar situations.

: I ate my feelings and simply suppressed some truth. I have been on a good-vibe wave since my move up north, but there was still some past problems sitting cosy in my body. I could literally feel weight off my shoulders and lighter in my core when I moved through the memories that had latched on. I practice meditation and yoga daily, but it was beyond helpful to gain time for stillness that wasn’t being exerted for shopping, cooking and eating.

During a cleanse/fast, I highly recommend:

+ time outside in nature

+ sunlight on your skin

+ swimming in the ocean or fresh water

+ rest without guilt

+ close connection with friends and family

+ journaling

+ yoga and gentle movement

+ cosying up with a positive book and a cup of tea often

+ alternative therapies that may assist in clearing emotional blocks while you are in an open state of feeling

+ more sleep

+ honouring your bodies true needs (you will know the difference when you learn to listen.)

I feel that today my cleanse coming to an end. My body is ready for some nutrition and I have let go of what has been holding me back. All that wishful dreaming of burritos and smoothie bowls may soon be fulfilled…

Be free in your beautiful body,



{ disclaimer: my cleansing experiment was commenced purely out of intrigue and having listened to a few signs that revealed themselves to me. I turned inward and gave my body what I felt was necessary for a positive response. If you are interested in cleansing/fasting yourself, I highly recommend research and in depth reading about all the ways you can do so before beginning. }