Healing creativity – making for the sake of it


Once, my lecturer at university pointed at my sketch and declared, ‘that line is wrong.’ This man taught analogue illustration. I think it was that moment that; after mustering up the courage to retrieve my long lost childlike creativity; it went to hide in a hole, scampering away like a dog with its tail in between its legs. Finally, years later, I’ve encouraged myself to heal my relationship with Creativity and inviting it out to playdates with paints, random hip hop classes and birthing this blog. Thankfully, I’m surrounded by gifted people – speakers, writers, bloggers, illustrators, mess-makers and inspired life-enthusiasts. Watching their devotion to their art fires up something deep in my soul. The last flickering flame of Creativity hadn’t let go of me, even though I suppressed it. At first, I thought maybe I was restless. Then the desire grew in to full-blown interest, where I started following artists on instagram and becoming intrigued by study again. Creativity was flirting hard, wanting desperately to be noticed. Synchronicities took place and I couldn’t turn my face away any longer – I stared Creativity in the eye and stated ‘lets do this thing.’ Ever since that marriage, Creativity has had its way with me. We’ve been making together – painting goddesses and photographing flowers and writing words. I’m adoring the blossoming relationship and it seems that other people have appeared around me that appreciate the work I let run through me. How fucking cool is that! If I had never nodded my head to Creativity flowing through my vessel, perhaps those lives would not have been enriched just that little extra bit.

I believe that it is our blessed duty to co-create some art with the mystical force that feeds us inspiration. Because, why not?

Recently, conversations about creativity are popping up in my reality, with people that don’t believe they are artists. ‘I can’t write,’ they say, ‘I don’t know how to paint,’ ‘that line is not good enough.’ Yes you fucking can, yes you will if you pick up a paintbrush, and screw you Mr not-good-enough, sir! We are all creators and come from a great line of creatives. Maybe not the typical musicians and illustrators, but chefs and gardeners and fixer-uppers and grandmothers that get together to have crafternoons. Get where I’m coming from?

Follow that flickering flame to something that excites your soul a little more. The curiosity will lead you somewhere beautiful. Don’t be afraid to get messy and try something new, even if it scares you. (because yes, dance classes can be fucking terrifying. Those tights…_) Face the fear anyway, show Creativity you’re serious this time. Begin meeting Creativity once a week to discuss your desires. Go out for dinner with a notebook and write or draw what conversations you have. It doesn’t need to be brilliant, you can take things slow. Get a feel for it, gently, because I’m sorry, but the world is not counting on your art to save it (its also not sitting around waiting for you to post the blog or bring out the album. Really.) Gradually, Creativity will start visiting more often and you can make beautiful things together, with joy! Momentum will pick up, magic will happen. You'll surprise yourself - and isn't that what life is about? Unearthing the gifted jewels within you and expressing in physical form. Because life is richer in colour, more expressive with movement and a lot more fun when you have a serious relationship with an invisible mystical force.

Go forth and make, creator. Yes, you.

Be free in your creative expression,



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