An unconventional list to self-help your spirit

sos I’ll say it: I’m sick of self-help. I’m over attempting to improve my every move.

We don’t have to go further than our Facebook feed to be exposed to endless articles that offer ultimate happiness, less suffering, better relationships, a healed gut-immune system-psyche-trauma-life. Hola if you feel the pressure? Maybe its just the control freak in me, knowing that all the information is out there and I’m still not perfect. How do we keep forgetting perfection doesn’t exist? So, to save the strive, I’ve compiled some quick fixes (because we love that instant gratification, yah?) to shed the spiritual camouflage your ego loves to hide in.

  • Get the fuck off Facebook. Honestly, nothing that grand ever happens here. Limit your time each day, watch yourself as you mindlessly scroll in your sucked-in state seeking the next entertaining burst of glory and go outside. Yes, to the real world. That is where the magic happens. In a years time, you won’t remember the extravagant evening you stayed in and watched Netflix and spent hours on Facebook. It’s really not worth that much of your precious attention and time.


  • Consciously consume information. Instead of succumbing to the intriguing titles and suggested paid-for posts that align with what you’re googling, let your Soul be the compass toward the content you devour. When you find yourself lost in the online woods, forgive the temporary lapse and move on. Take a deep breath, ground yourself, and simply ask ‘What am I really looking for here?’. Your Soul may guide you straight to the video that inspires your next trip, or to the article that offers answers to your current dilemma, or perhaps tells you its actually comfort and a cuddle that you need - so get the fuck off the computer and go pat your dog.


  • Change your rituals. If your morning is scheduled straight from a spiritual text or a self-help article and you are rigid in your practice - even when it doesn’t light you up - change it up! Your day is not going to be completely ruined when you miss meditation and instead be completely present with a cup of that flashy new tea you indulged in. When the spirited stuff stales, it’s time to switch it up.


  • Be breezy. This is why we practice: to become slightly more aligned, present and whole beings than before our spiritual self-care. We’re gonna fuck up, because we’re human. So just be cool about it! You don’t need to book yourself in for a retreat every time you find yourself devouring a block of non-organic chocolate. Don’t be a bitch about it. I have found myself dictated by my self-care rituals to the point that when the morning played out differently - like a lover staying over and sleeping in late, hence snoozing my meditation alarm - I became a nightmare.
  • That flexibility we embody in yoga - yeah, be that.


Ditch the do's and don't's of what you think it looks like to be a spiritual creature and just chill the fuck out. Your soul doesn't need to be saved. You don't need to prove your worthiness through spiritual practice. Honour your Soul and let it seek, grow, dance and love.

Be free in your soulful exploration,