9 things to say ‘fuck that’ to in 2016 if you’re in your 20s


Inspired greatly by Mark Manson's The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck I realised I gave (and sometimes continue to give, when I'm not looking) so much of my precious energy to things not worthy of my attention.

I want 2016 to be full of radical joy, moments of ecstatic connection and alignment with my truth, so I'm consciously choosing to leave these life-suckers in the past where they belong...


  • the comparison game.

    What a useless energy-drainer! It’s a challenging one as we are faced with concepts of the perfect life all over social media platforms. The New Year momentum is kicking, we’re turning dreams in to plans and people who have their visions clear feels threatening to someone who has scattered desires (like moi.) I have a deeper belief underneath this fear-based ‘clarity envy’ and that is: that we can have it all, just not all at once. So while your visions for the year may be non-existent, lost in the mail or a creative contradiction, steer your energy to YOUR magic and quit measuring your life against others.

  • labels.

    I’m done with living in a box and the rest of the world is on to us - whether it’s ‘organic’ and actually packed with nasties or you’re a vegan and decide to eat a free-range egg, there are marketing companies lurking to target your suckerdom and hoards of people ready to judge you for not ‘living within the lines’. Labels lock us up, and why should we not feel free to change when the time is right?

  • worrying about the future.

    You’re twenty-something - chill the fuck out. As an antidote to worry, I imagine myself in ten years looking back at my current scenario. She sure as hell tells me to simmer down, all is well.

  • awareness and analysing, all the time.

    I’m all for deciphering meaning, when the time calls for it. You’ll reeeeally know if you need to take some time to reflect or untangle yourself and understand the why behind some situations - however most of the time it’s better for your spirit to go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

  • hardcore materialism.

    It astounds me that young adults are in so much debt so early or tied up in loans they regret. Yuck! Is that new car really worth it when your old one gets you from A to B? Are the new clothes actually making you feel sexier and more worthy or does that feeling fade pretty quick and leave you with the same emptiness that drove you to the shops? Take an honest look at what you want and why you want it. Make friends with money and decide if you want to spend you’re twenties owned by the bank or investing in your personal development, skills, memories and ultimate happiness.

  • social media addiction.

    Upon reflection of the past year, I realised that the happiest times I experienced had nothing to do with a phone being near me. What! Shocker! Endless scrolling is NOT serving you. Seeking inspiration is. Define the difference.

  • gossip.

    You probably think you don’t, that you left that behind in high school. Still, it’s deliciously satisfying to bad-mouth someone because it gives your ego a little boost - don’t worry, this doesn’t make you a bad person, just try to be the watcher of the words you spread and keep them high-vibe.

  • relationships that don’t serve your highest good.

    Oh god, the time we waste with people that have fallen out of alignment with us. When you know in your gut, that’s when it’s time. Listen and act on it, don’t wait until it’s a desperate tugging gotta-get-outta-this feeling. You’ll do just fine on your own, freeing up space for your own self-love and exploration.

  • Body hang-ups.

    You are so young, gorgeous. Learn to see it. You glow. Go on - don’t let belly fat and shy sexuality stop you from getting nude in nature or wearing that dress you adore but have to squeeze in to. Screw all of it, you're a breathing miracle. My promise to you - confidence is radiant, sexy and infectious and only good things happen when you embrace your meat suit. Let your spirit shine like sunbeams out of your skin.

2016 is ours for the taking. What energy suckers are you leaving behind this year?

Be free in your unbound youth,