23 things that make you, you.

[metaslider id=298] As you travel in to your twenty-third year on this planet, full of dreams I know you'll manifest and goals I know you'll kick, I thought I could remind you of all the incredible little things you do and all the magic that you are, just by being you.


The way you squeeze my arm super tight when you’re super excited about something.

When you’ve had two rums, you get this loose, light aura and move freely in your body, less rigid, more comfortable. It shows your true confidence.

Your passion; for traveling, for gut health, for love, for family.

You have different laughs for different occasions. The guffaw where you cover your mouth and go ‘owwwh’ at crude little jokes, the giggle at innocent things and then the full-blown coupla-wines howl where you really relish in going for it, full succulence.

The way you hold back tears, fearful and forced, and then finally allow yourself to let go and be vulnerable is truly fucking beautiful.

You’ve taught me that feminine can mean my curves, belly and the purple I wear, but it also means badass tatts, oversized boyfriend singlets and a sexy, sweaty bare face.

Your above and beyond party planning skills. Seriously. Your attention to detail and devotion to the small things that are significant is so admirable and impressive.

When you say, ‘long story short..’ and then tell a really long story.

Your bounciness, when you stride around a restaurant, or bop around the kitchen, or gallop down Castle Hill. It's energising just to be within your space!

Your exquisite culinary skills. I always taste pure love and nourishment in the food you share.

The thought you put behind peoples gifts (especially my own.) They are memorable and truly sacred.

The wearability you get out of your favourite traveling t-shirts.

Your peace signs, points, kisses, lounges-out, guns-out, open hands, jazz hands, spirit fingers, tight squeezes and dance moves. Classic Chels.

Your killer music taste and our fierce shared love for Hozier and The Weeknd.

Your humbleness when it comes to your artistic talents.

Who you are when you are on your game, high vibrational, spirit soaring, fully aligned and good vibing is un-fucking-stoppable.

Who you are when you feel lost, confused, broken, unsure and undone is ridiculously relatable and stunning.

Your undying, endless, infinite and ever-giving support. It has saved me many times over.

The way you pair girly dresses with that black watch and the way you wear socks with boots.

The optimism that always shines through you, the positive perspective you see through always-hip and stylish sunglasses.

Your curiosity about creativity and angels and tarot cards, crystals, meditation, other cultures and new places.

Your ability to skate, and just do it for the joy of it, astounds and exhilarates me. I’m envious of the way you can immerse yourself in to a flow state and relax for the thrill of it.

Your never-satiated adventure bug.

And one extra, because I could go on forever about the things that not only I, but the world adores about you…

The branded paper plane on your ankle that will forever bind us in foreign and faraway escapades.

I love you, Chels, you special creature. Thank you for all the joy, love and experience you have brought in to my existence. I'm ecstatic for the next time we get to go where the wild things are together.