How my boss became my client

I’ve always been a great worker, but a less-than-desirable employee.

I’ve only involved myself with businesses that align with my stellar values of wellness, good intentions + happy vibes and I thrive off an energised environment where I can be in the role of making someones day a little better. Hospitality allowed me to do this on a daily basis, so I made my cash within the walls of various whole food cafes, local produce stores + smoothie bars over the last few years to fuel the funds in between travelling.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved it — for about a month. I’d be super stoked to be at work and to be of service, and then the dreaded day would always come where the stoke halted and I’d be bowled over with a handful of questions marks — ‘What am I doing here? Is this how I want to spend my days? Is this all there is for me?’.

Of course, now I know the power of asking intentional questions for compelling answers, but back then my brain would only offer feedback like ‘Yep. This is all you’re good for. $17/hr is about right for what you’re worth. This is the cycle of a traveller, work hard, go play for a few months and then do it all over again and again…’. I’d be treading water forever, never saving more than the next international flight. It sounded like insanity. Wading through the confusion of being out of alignment with ‘purpose’ and somehow simultaneously missing the whole gorgeous point of those emotions. Intense emotions teach us what murk really hides under the surface, but the nagging sensations of boredom, that knowing you’re not really living your full potential.. that shit lingers. Like a stinky dog waiting for a treat. My soul was crying out to me, suggesting I had the intelligence to brainstorm different ways to do this - the whole makin’ money thing. 

I tasted sweet freedom every time I jetted off to other parts of the world, but the work-life balance wasn’t even an option. How the heck could I integrate being a spirited barefoot-wanderer with steady income? I’m still figuring it out, but I’m closer. 

January last year, I had it with being an employee. Done. Outta here. I shut that door on trading my time for money in a place that didn’t fulfil my zest, and hit the road again. The year looked like this: much travel. Not so mucho income. An interest in freelancing. A hell of a spirited go at it but many challenges, fails and stresses.

See - the world needs us to be good workers, to do what we’re told and to stick with the pack. If we did’t, whole industries would implode! (Imagine if every single person was living their dream - what a different dimension we would live in!). This suits some people - and I’m not knocking it, I’m just aware that the grimy grind ain’t for me. I’d rather be empowered rather than rostered, and collaborating instead of being ordered around. I used to get so frustrated at those cleaning lists I’d have to tick with whiteboard marker before closing a shift - now I get ENERGISED off completing the tasks in my biz, no matter how mundane. But it took a year to even get the basics down pat - my invoicing was a mess, I made every charge off the top of my head without thinking about it and every new project I took on I spent hours learning new tools and techniques. 

I certainly haven't 'made it' but I am making it happen. It feels pretty dreamy to have the freedom of working for myself, choosing my schedule, redefining what work feels like to me. And that brings me here - to be in the final stages of building a slick website for the rebrand of a cafe I worked at to fuel the adventure piggy bank. Stay tuned for the launch of!

With love + magic, 



Emily HassettComment