feb 2019 ✧ New Zealand

Our immersive retreat reveals your most potent clarity so you can finally live with intention, ritual and ceremony in your daily life.

This is your invitation to attune to how good it can really feel.



Amidst the stunning forest of New Zealand’s North Island, you’ll be guided to a sense of freedom, ease and clarity through intention setting, movement and ceremony. With an emphasis on recalibrating our system to match the rhythms of nature, this retreat is for spirited seekers who are overwhelmed with the noise of the world and crave the medicine of their own wildness.



15th - 18th February, 2019 (Friday - Monday)


all inclusive (except travel to venue)



8 private tents available. Launch Special: bring a friend to share for 22% discount each. 



 Join Us

Allow Emily + Ashleigh to guide you to deep presence, powerful clarity and ultimately, home to yourself.


Emily is obsessed with the alchemy of emotion and ruthlessly devoted to supporting women on their journey to embodied vitality. She guides wanderers back home to themselves as a Zura Health program facilitator, through 1:1 clarity coaching, hosting retreats and teaching yoga with an emphasis on bringing PLAY to the table. When she's not sipping cacao in the sun or being extra human, Emily studies various modalities of psychotherapy through relentless devotion to unraveling the mystery of the human soul.


Ashleigh is a compassionate connector through embodied movement of the mind, body and soul. She is devoted to guiding women back to their roots; to rediscover their mission within themselves. Ashleigh embodies this by guiding women through movement, mindfulness, hosting retreats and her favourite of all; intimate 1:1 coaching - a place of embodied rediscovery. When she’s not wound up in the wanderlust of the world mapping out her next trip or adventure you’ll find her softly rediscovering her own sense of organic movement on her mat or creating in the kitchen. Ashleigh studies various forms of movement and body work through unconditional curiosity to uncover how our mind and bodies work in harmony to unlock freedom.


We get you, seeker - we too have burned out, held our breath and sprinted toward the imaginary facade of ‘arriving’, only to realise that the quickest way to all we could ever desire is accessible as soon as we let go of the chase. We ache for freedom just like you do - after all, isn’t that the whole gorgeous point of this being alive thing? Our maps to freedom are sometimes entangled with lots of crossed wires, so let us offer you the easy route. This retreat has been specifically curated for women who ache for their own wildness, to return to their innate wisdom, to clear the channel for divine guidance from their intuition (even though it’s felt a bit cloudy lately).

Freedom does not come from a checklist—if liberation is a chore, it’s not really liberation. You can’t constrict your way to freedom. You can’t punish your way to joy. You can’t fight your way to inner peace. The journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel.
— Danielle Laporte


Our sacred home for this retreat is Solscape, an eco-friendly space that is designed for rest, rejuvenation and playful inspiration, to nurture our connection with each other and the natural world. Nestled within Raglan, the surfing mecca of the North Island and a lively, creative town that boasts breathtaking views of black sand coastline.


Our Intention

We intend to deliver you an experience of ceremonial living - that is, showing up to life with an open heart, infused with intention. To support this recalibration, (as most of us were conditioned to remain closed in order to ‘survive’ instead of thrive) this is a 100% offline retreat. No phones, email or screen time of any kind, as a way to immensely honour the shifts that will take place. View this as your devotion to inner peace, and the foundation that will set the rest of your year ahead alight.

Our intimate gathering will be hosted amidst the tipi forest of Solscapes lush forest grounds, offering an extremely accessible portal to nature's cycles, which we will sync to as a collective through our mindfully created schedule.



Movement is a physical form that gives us a deeper understanding to what’s happening internally, unlocking and releasing blocked or stored energy. We’ll reconnect with our bodies over the course of your journey. You’ll be introduced to Energising Vinyasa Flow (a yoga practise linking breathe with each posture), Yin Yoga (a grounded, soft and embodied practise opening up the muscles), Somatic Movement (emotional release through movement), and activities that get you moving in nature. Alongside the physical practice, guests can experience breath practice (pranayama) and guided meditations.

Our practices will connect you on every level, to all parts of yourself, clearing a way for new beginnings and awakening your inspirational connection to your highest wisdom, allowing you to reveal your most potent clarity for aligned actions to take on your return home.



Our uber-talented chef Rylee will co-curate the menus throughout the trip, which will be delicious, highly nutritious and with a focus on integrating intention to each meal. Drawing from plant based principles, and utilising the incredible local ingredients, expect fresh, high vibration meals, which support your system and will leave you feeling light and energized.


Retreat Schedule

It’s a surprise.
Why? Because your mind wants to know so it can pick things to judge, freak out about or make a decision about how you will show up to the activity. This is an all-inclusive retreat, so don’t worry - the basics are covered (you’ll be fed, moved, taken care of and have a cozy place to rest your head at night).


— Plant based meals for the timeline of the retreat
— 3 nights accomodation at Solscape Tipi Forest
— Daily guided meditation and movement practices


— Flights/transport to venue


The major airport on the North Island of New Zealand is Auckland (AKL).
How to get to retreat venue: Solscape is 6 kilometres from the township of Raglan. If you are travelling by bus check here for timetables. If you are coming from Auckland or Hamilton Airport we recommend the local Raglan Shuttle.
Retreat location details:
611 Wainui Road
Raglan 3297, New Zealand


Your Investment

Solo Tipi $897
Twin Sharing Tipi  $700
(twin discount available only when booked together so bring a friend!)

Solo Tipi | Single Occupancy
Twin Sharing Tipi | Bring A Friend

This retreat is a collaboration so to book a place or for any further details, please email Emily at connect@spiritedseeker.com and be sure to include ‘Sacred Retreat 2019’ in the subject line. Please note that each deposit made is non-refundable and all instalments are to be cleared by February 11th.

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