Reclaiming Our Feminine Pleasure (And How This Will Change The World)

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This blog feels a little more, erm, vulnerable to share with you, infinite world of the Internet… You see, coming home to my emotional landscape and sharing the journey actually feels quite easy to me now. After years of denying I even had feelings and wearing “I don’t cry” as a badge of strength, this ‘work’ has been so transformative I can’t help but shout from the virtual rooftops about how empowering it is to cultivate emotional intimacy with ourselves.

But this… this post is different.

I’m positive that if you’re a woman reading this, you have experienced some degree of sexual trauma or harassment and if not, you know someone closely who has. It’s a painful truth of our current reality that I don’t feel uber comfortable writing publicly about because 1) I’m not trained specifically in this area and afraid of offering a view that isn’t as educated as it could be (I’m still human and learning) and 2) this topic is obviously emotionally charged and my intention is to not create more confusion or disconnect but to invite you closer to the wisdom of your own body via my personal healing journey.

OK, so that’s the serious stuff outta the way. This article is about ways you can come home to your body that might be completely new to you, or that you know already but aren’t doing (and still living from the neck up, missing out on how good it can feel to be in your body).


I was introduced to Rosie Rees years ago as me and my two girlfriends (who you should definitely get to know, Tara, an empowerment coach for mothers doing it their own way and Chelsea, a genius in the gut-healing department) drove 5 hours to attend her Nude Yoga workshop in Far North Queensland. You see, the tropics didn’t attract too many spirited events like this, so we made a weekender out of it. I wasn’t nervous about getting starkers in front of strangers, but I was deeply curious as to what would come out of this very feminine gathering as I was quite disconnected from being IN my body and more comfortable with living in an anxious state with a whirly-whirly mind.

Here’s what happened: communion with my body. Reverence for each muscle, cell, bone and curve. Radical appreciation and acceptance of what this vessel has allowed me to experience in this lifetime. How often are you grateful for the ability to walk? There was also this acknowledgement for the beauty of the feminine as each woman in the room witness each other in their vulnerable nakedness. Nothing more awakening for some body love when we observe another woman truly come home to herself and drop all the self-hatred of needing to change before she’s ‘good enough’.

Safe to say I was a fan of Rosie, and open to her other offerings of connecting with my body and reclaiming my capacity to feel good.

YONI EGGS FOR HEALING (and activating pleasure!)

Yoni Pleasure Palace was created in 2014 by Rosie and has exploded as not only an online empire for redefining female sensuality but a movement in awakening pleasure in women which, I wholeheartedly believe is what we need to change the world. Can you imagine if every woman you know was thriving, connected to their bodies and worth, and having an orgasmic experience of life!? Yeah… the world would certainly be a bright and shiny place.

A yoni (Indian Sanskrit for vagina) egg is essentially an egg-shaped crystal (traditionally jade, but I have been using black obsidian) and is a 5000 year old practice from China. Designed to help a woman connect with her pelvic floor in a way that’s honouring, gentle and healing, this practice increases sensitivity and addresses ‘vaginal shut-down’ which affects not just our sex life or capacity to feel pleasure, but when this area of life is compromised, it spills in to our relationship with our partner, our ability to set boundaries (being disconnect from our ‘yes’ and ‘no’) and diminishes our feminine power. I want you to really think about this: if you’re shut down in your yoni, it’s crucial we explore what else is happening at a deeper level.


Where to even start?! Hands up who feels truly safe as a woman in this world? Even when there is no immediate danger, our bodies carry the trauma of our ancestry, as well as simply growing up in a patriarchal society. Sexual trauma ripples through our world so vastly that they have sub-categories for kinds of rape. We are led to poke toxic tampons up there before we even know what’s going on with our bodies, we’re taught in high school to fear STI’s to the point of fearing sex itself, among soooo many other conditionings that make it easy to be disconnected from our vaginas. MEN, if you’re reading this, share this with a mate, will you? There is so much more to female sexuality than lost libido.

”A lot of women experience pain, disassociation, tension and numbness inside their vagina, making it uncomfortable to have sex, self pleasure or even make it to the toilet.

With sexual dysfunction on the rise and issues such as over-active pelvic floor muscles (vaginal tightness), vulvadynia, vaginismus, prolapse, polycystic ovaries and endometriosis becoming increasingly “normal” for a woman, it’s time we lift the veil on women’s pelvic health and look at it from a holistic point of view.” (Yoni Pleasure Palace).


“Inserting an egg-shaped stone into your vajayjay may not be your standard everyday ritual that you’re used to doing – like brushing your teeth, washing your hair or shaving your legs.” — Rosie Rees. BUUUUT… It was truly been a game changer for how connected I feel to my femininity and all the qualities of this area of the body (the root chakra). Think: essence of divine feminine power, freedom, pleasure, sexuality and even ABUNDANCE (and you guys know how deep I’ve been in unraveling my money story this year!).

I’ve been using my egg for almost 3 months now, and I can honestly tell you that my acceptance of my sexuality and overall body (not just my yoni) has ramped up to a full-blown love affair. I have found that it’s easier for me to exercise (something I’ve had resistance to for a while, in self-sabotage to my health) because I have more appreciation for my body and less desire to ‘punish’ myself with negative self talk. I take the time every morning to coat myself in olive oil and anoint my body with essential oils. I treat my body like a queen. Before, I didn’t make the time for this slow, sensual practice.

On a more specific level to unlocking the stuck, stagnant energy in this sacred area, I have been able to access more presence with feeling — whether it’s making love or activating my root lock (mula bandha) when I practice yoga, this increased awareness brings a wholeness to my being, an embodied, connected sense of self. The first time I used my egg, within minutes I was overwhelmed with tiredness and emotion. It was wild. I chose the Black Obsidian intuitively, without actually knowing what the qualities of the stone were. Turns out — it brings unresolved emotion to the surface and clears negative energy/sexual trauma (that doesn’t even have to be our own, but can be stored from our ancestral line). Fun times, hey!?

Since that first day, however, I haven’t experienced any uncomfortable physical side affects like fatigue, but instead have gradually felt more connected to my feminine in an unapologetic way.

I’m sure I’ll share more about this as it’s an ever-evolving journey, and would be more than stoked to answer any questions in the comments below, but I’ll close with this:

If there is anything we can do to reconnect to our power as woman, it’s our birthright to do it.

The women who came before us may not have had the same opportunities and freedom as we do to reclaim the feminine in an empowered way. Using a yoni egg is just one way to plug in to our power, but you’ll be guided to your own. When it reveals itself, despite how scary it can be, say yes.

With love, pussy power and orgasms,



Interested in purchasing your own egg? Explore the Yoni Pleasure Palace and devour the informative resources that will clue you up on truly reclaiming your sensual self. Please note, the links used in this blog are affiliate links, which means if you invest in a yoni egg or any other product, I’ll get a little abundance my way.