The Practice of Scripting: Creating Your Dream Life From The Inside Out

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Scripting is essentially the screenplay of your future that you create with intention. It’s a sacred document, a love letter, a magical manifesto that supports your wishes, ideas and desires to come to fruition through a practice of reading and embodying the life of your dreams. Rather than cruising along with life not really ever considering that you CAN experience all the things you wish to experience and feeling disheartened (or worse, in despair) that you can’t have what you want, this practice invites you - actually, demands you - take responsibility for your life, your actions, your emotionality, your wellbeing and your stories.


Adapted and inspired by Peta Kelly (and other teachers of creating our own narratives like Tara Caetano, Kaitlin Howitt and Tara Bliss) scripting involves:

  • An editable document (I use Google Docs but you can also use your Notes app)

  • Sacred space (whether that’s invisible and energetic if you’re on public transport to read your script or somewhere that lights you up, like your fave daily coffee digs or an altar in your home)

  • 10-30 minutes of time devoted to spend time with your soul

  • Music that makes you feel how you wanna feel (to anchor the emotions of your script in to your cells… I like to keep mind instrumental and ambient so it’s not distracting)

I started this practice long before I learned of ‘scripting’ and it’s likely you have done so yourself. In old journals that I have flicked through years after, I notice how many of the secret wishes I noted down actually came true -- in ways I could never have predicted! The magic of scripting is not to be in control of your life -- but consciously and creatively be open to multiple pathways that give you your core desired feelings.

Your script is the blank canvas of your future. This is the ultimate place to give yourself permission to own your worthiness to a big, bright and shiny life. Be audacious, but don’t script the desires that aren’t yours. Pay attention to how you feel when you move through these introductory exercises that get the manifesting mojo flowing:

Identifying your wants and needs:

Whip out an A4 piece of paper or your journal and draw a vertical line down the center of the page. On one side, title the column ‘I WANT’ and on the other ‘I NEED’. To differentiate, in this exercise ‘wants’ are your desires, your non-survival based needs. ‘Needs’ encapsulate what you need to thrive as a human (think about the specifics of sleep, food etc). Set a timer for 3 minutes (I love Insight Timer for their calming bells instead of the traditional alarms that set our systems on high alert). Yup, rapid fire truth here. No silly business. Open up to the whispers of your soul and jot down whatever comes to mind (it might surprise you!). When the bell chimes, you’ll notice some patterns around what life areas might need some TLC, or where you might need to ponder this further over the coming days to get a clearer idea of what you really want and need.

Let’s get vis-u-al, visual:

Again, you’ve probably done this already but potentially not in a way that ultimately serves your expansion. Hands up who has screenshots on their camera roll of highly filtered Instagram pics of exotic travel destinations, pinterest-worthy home decor and dreamy couple captures that aren’t you? #RelationshipGoals… It’s all too tempting to compare our seemingly normal lives alongside the perfection presented on social media, so I’m gonna ask you to delete most of those (*gasp*) with one condition: if it doesn’t feel good, it’s gotta go. So, if you scroll through these images that you’re hoarding in your phone (energetic baggage, yo) and they give you pangs of “I’m so far from that body. I’ll never have enough money to go to Bali. Who has the time to make their food look that good?” then clear it out and create space for visuals that LIGHT YOU UP and ignite your appreciation.

Once again, set a timer to halt the social media scroll rabbit hole and get screenshotting (or Pinterest-ing) of images that set a fire in your belly alight. The photos that might not look perfect aesthetically, but capture the essence of what your soul truly wants (connection, vitality, ease, joy, adventure are a few of mine to spark the search).


Open your blank document. Note down a few life areas you wish to focus your attention to in the next month or so. For example: wellness, finances, that upcoming trip you have planned, career goals and anything else that is currently uncertain for you or something you’d like to upgrade. Then, activate your souls voice by turning your phone on airplane mode, popping some sacred music in to your ears (here’s one of my playlists) and letting yourself write stream-of-consciousness. This means: no editing or judging, just let it flow. Use words that you don’t get to say to your coworkers that feel luscious. Tell the story in the present tense. You might complete a paragraph and that feels adequate, or, like me, your script runs for 8-10 pages... you can refine this over and over until it feels as good as it can. And then, you have the freedom to edit, add and change it all again! This is your life, your story -- what one do you want to create?


This isn’t a one-time exercise to dismiss the day after tomorrow. This is an ever-evolving relationship between you, your soul and your life experience that you get to nurture forever (if you so wish to co-create with the powerful force that births world intentionally). I prefer to read my script in the early morning, harnessing the power of being in-between states of dreamy surrender and awake, alertness. In the morning, our brain state is actually more receptive to change as we are generally more relaxed and at ease within our nervous system (if this turns you on, learn more by reading this book) but you can totally read yours at any time of day, just as long as you show up for your script CONSISTENTLY. I know, that word used to make me cringe too, but commitment = results. This is your devotion to your dreams.

You might even like to write your script and then record it as a voice memo and listen to it on the go so it seeps directly in to your subconscious. Get creative!


I’m truly astounded by how magical this practice is -- I feel like the puppeteer of my life experience, with the Universe divinely orchestrating alongside me. Scripting gives me a feeling of safety that I know where I’m going, yet security to pivot, adapt and adjust according to how I feel along the way. It’s a practice that has served as a permission slip to let life be playful and a delightful surprise. I want to show you that the magic of scripting is REAL, so here are a few experiences I’ve allowed come to life through reading my script daily(ish) and embodying the feelings I imagined these experiences would make me feel. Here’s real excerpts from the scripts I have read over the last few months with images of the actual experience:

(My first retreat as a facilitator!): “Our retreat feels more ceremonial, playful + hearty than we could have ever imagined. We led with ease, collaborated with effortlessness, and brought each other life force through the dance of co-facilitating this space. How rebellious, to complete a 4 day immersive retreat and be beaming with energy? Each of our guests left with potent clarity, tools to bring ritual in to their daily life to alleviate stress and accessed the medicine of their heart through our guided experiences.”

↑ These unreal photos were captured by Jake Lane.

(To Money): “Thank you for giving me the opportunity for world class mentoring by the one and only Dan Harrison. I have always wanted to work with him and now, because of you, I can. What he teaches me directly impacts my tribe, and I feel honoured and deeply humbled to be held in the hands of the best there is. Thank you for making it possible for me to continually invest in my growth through programs and masterminds.”

I recently undertook this mastermind and it was seriously LIFE CHANGING. Ready to truly upgrade your relationship to money, pay off debt and   feel financially free?   Next course starts march 27. Click for details. On the application there is a spot for a referral code and just write ‘EMILY’ and you’ll  get a $500 discount on the course!

I recently undertook this mastermind and it was seriously LIFE CHANGING. Ready to truly upgrade your relationship to money, pay off debt and feel financially free? Next course starts march 27. Click for details. On the application there is a spot for a referral code and just write ‘EMILY’ and you’ll get a $500 discount on the course!


(on Love): “He’s kind, yet fierce, and I trust him to show up for me, every time. I’m in awe of the way he devotes to what is meaningful to him, and how effortlessly he shares the true expression of who he is. He is in reverence of the feminine, he feels most alive in nature and has a loving relationship with his family. He takes risks toward his dreams and invest in his wellbeing as a non negotiable. He is passionate, a powerful container, he dances freely and delights in the way I frolic through the world. His eyes tell stories of lifetimes, the laughter lines run deep, proof of his mad joy. He is playful and our life together is an adventure - intentional AND spontaneous, safe AND wild.”  

(on my most recent adventure in New Zealand): “We are endlessly surprised at our friends generosity and the spontaneous adventures we get to have. My heart is blown even wider open than I could have imagined! Each time we pull up to a new camp spot, I throw the Wandering Folk rug to the earth and bless the space for our arriving, for holding us dearly. Home on the road never felt so fucking good. Our skin is sun kissed, shaded by my Will + Bear hat, frolicking nude whenever we can. I love doing life with you, this easeful, freedom-feeling life feeds me at so many levels. There is nothing more exciting to me than exploring a new piece of this country, breathing in its aroma, walking new streets and working from new coffee shops + quiet corners.”

I’ll save the super-spirited stuff for myself, but you get the gist. The ones I listed above are actually all scripted experiences I’ve manifested just in 2019. Seriously, how does it get even better than that!? #SacredBrag...  In the past 12 months, I’ve also scripted (and successfully manifested) a divinely guided trip to the sacred sites of the UK (including a crazy story I must tell in another blog), to be a facilitator of a cacao ceremony in collaboration with Lululemon, a safe, cosy and expansive space to rest in Vancouver when I visited in November, my dream home (brand new, across from the ocean, furnished, with a pool, just like my script) on the Gold Coast living with a soul fam I didn’t know yet and so. much. more.

These manifestations are just examples of what becomes possible when we allow ourselves to ASK FOR WHAT WE WANT and align with the feeling that we seek from getting what we want. The more we can embody this frequency we desire, the less ‘work’ it is to actually have it arrive. In fact -- it almost feels EFFORTLESS because instead of pushing so hard to go where you want to go, you become a magnet that pulls your ideal future to you.

In terms of manifestation, I’d love to know from you: what has worked for you? What hasn’t? Where do you get stuck and what is one thing you’re currently manifesting that expands the boundaries of anything you’ve known before?