Uncover Your Limiting MONEY Beliefs

Pondering what I’ll do with all the abundance I have access to….

Pondering what I’ll do with all the abundance I have access to….

Oh, money… if the title of this post already has your skin tighten, you’re in the right place! Press play on my Money Honey Spotify playlist and carve out an hour to get REAL about the ways your outdated stories are holding you hostage in this precious lifetime.

I recently went to Maui to attend a business immersion ‘ceremony’ (coz, that’s how the new way of biz feels) and the host spoke this potent phrase that has stayed with me:

you think you would be put on this planet with a purpose, working for me (earth) and not be supported in fulfilling it?
— Makenzie Marzluff

For all of us as creatives, soulpreneurs, healers, coaches, writers, artists, makers… this is a big fat relief, dontcha think?

The spiritual community has been riddled with shitty scarcity beliefs for eons — the medicine men the poorest in the village, the unspoken expectation for healers to give until they’re empty or not be paid for their gifts… I’m not down for that. For us to do our work in this time, we need to thrive. And let’s face it — money allows us to thrive in ways that might not be as accessible if we’re wandering about with frenetic nervous systems not knowing if we can pay the rent.

If you’re here with a flame burning in your heart to be a force for good — life wants to support you. Life wants to see you thrive, so you can serve your medicine to the world from a place of overflow.

So, to scratch the surface of any scarcity lingering in your field, I’m sharing below a special exercise from A Course In Conscious Wealth, the epic mastermind I invested in earlier this year that totally changed the game for how I feel about finances. Dan Harrison, the genius holding space for this course, is running this course quarterly and has an upcoming intake for September 25th. You can apply for a free call with him to learn more about how this course could uplevel your financial future — I honestly could not recommend anyone more suited than Dan to you Spirited Seeker, because he not only speaks the language of the spiritual but knows his shit in the finance world, and exudes generosity; the strongest pillar of his business.


Open up your notes app or Google Docs and copy and paste all the questions below, to type your responses effortlessly. Or if you’re old school, open up a new blank page in a notebook.


Describe the kind of thoughts and ideas you habitually think about when it comes to money.

What makes someone worthy of $1,000,000 dollars?

What did you HEAR when you were younger about money?

What did you SEE  when you were younger around money?

What did you EXPERIENCE when you were younger about money?

Write down how you believe these statements or experiences have affected your financial life so far.

What would you do with your time if money was no object? (Dream wildly!)



Step 1: Write down all the things you’ve repeatedly tried to do, get, or accomplish in your life where you’ve come up short.  For each one, see if you can list a reason why:

Step 2: Get still and listen.  Write down any negative thinking you notice or have noticed in your life that you really believe to be true: Example: Money is the root of all evil… My parents are… I am…

Step 3:  Write out any thoughts you know aren’t fully true, but pop up anyways: Example: “I have no money” ( when you have a full time job or a paycheck) OR “I’m not smart enough or stupid” (When you have an education or a unique skill-set)

Step 4:  Write down the following statements that resonate with you. Be honest and quick — don’t overthink it.

“I’m not attractive”

“The world is dangerous”

“Rich people are greedy and selfish.”

“ I’ll never succeed.”

“ Nobody takes me seriously”

“ I’m not talented”

“ It’s too good, I don’t deserve it”

“ I’m too lazy”

“ I’m too annoying/loud or I’m too shy.”

“I have no discipline”

“I always get sick”

“World is too cruel and rough”

“ People don’t understand me”

“ I haven’t suffered enough”

“I’m not enough”

“I’m not good enough, funny enough, popular enough, rich enough,  etc, etc)

Step 5: Looking at steps 1 - 4, find your top 5 negative thoughts/beliefs and list them here:

These were mine in January:

  • I don’t have enough money/time

  • I am not supported

  • I am alone

  • It’s not safe

  • I don’t trust life/myself/them/etc

Looking deeply at yourself, what would you say is the deepest core issue here?

What’s the one root belief that seems like it could be doing the most damage?

My Core issue is:

Step 6: Journal about what you have discovered, let your pen flow freely or hands type freely and allow any other negative thoughts or limiting beliefs to present themselves on the page.


Phew! Well done on uncovering the repetitive thoughts that hide out in your mind that perhaps you’d rather keep in the dark.

During my work with Dan, I crafted a visual of a ‘scarcity monster’ that lurked about and held me back — having this character seperate from me made it easier to not take these limiting beliefs so personally, and instead invited me to take radical ownership of how I can choose new, empowering beliefs about money and worthiness.


OK, so now you’ve blown open all the beliefs that are limiting how you relate to money, what now!??!?


It’s time to rework and rewire. Change the story. Write a new script.

Dan’s the man — if A Course In Conscious Wealth peaks your intrigue, jump on your free call with him to invest in the next intake and change your money story forever. Or, stay updated on my next group immersion journey, ‘Becoming’, where we will dive deep in to all things sex, money and magic (hello root and sacral chakra shake up!).

Get that money honey,

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