5 Magical Ways To Be A Money Magnet

Let’s be honest, we’re all friends here — we ALL want more money.

In my travels, I’ve come across quite a few folks who choose to believe they live outside of the ‘matrix’ system that we have in this current paradigm, in which they reject the typical ‘work for a paycheck, buy shit, get in debt, do the cycle over again’, which I agree with (heck, I’m an example of it) yet they go one step further by also rejecting the concept of money by getting caught up in how the system is broken, fuelling their anger toward the way things are instead of empowering themselves to be a changer of the game (you gotta be playin’ in the arena, yo).

So, this post is not about marinating yourself in MORE money shame, because we likely all have a sprinkling of it as a byproduct of growing up in a world that perpetuates being stuck in this said system of control… what I’m here to touch on is how we can cultivate a magical relationship with money so it becomes a source of freedom for us in our lives and minds.

Sounds sweet, right?

Money is NOT the source of all stress or an unnecessary evil (while it’s OK if that’s how it feels to you right now) — it’s currently an inevitable puzzle piece of our paradigm that, if we ACCEPT this truth (instead of use all our energy whining about it) we can activate our power to be emancipated from the scarcity program that runs deep in our society, and choose a new story.

When we approach anything with a little less seriousness, we invite more flow, ease and a frequency of motion (instead of feeling stuck or stagnant in the beliefs that hold us back). If we’re in motion, we’re moving, transforming, riding with the river of life instead of holding on tight, or attempting to swim upstream. This is where alchemy happens. Becoming more of ourselves in the moment instead of gripping on to the stories that have got us where we are.

Here’s my favourite five ways to find the lightheartedness in my relationship with Money:

Swap your old, tattered wallet for a gold one

Yep, I went there. Let’s get magical right from the get go, shall we? I first saw this idea on a post by Gala Darling while I was undertaking A Course In Conscious Wealth and was doing all I could to change my relationship to Money. I realised that my wallet at the time literally had cost me $2 in the sale box at Cotton On two years prior and was curious about how this materialistic change could up-level my capacity to receive, generate and give more money. The verdict? It sure as hell makes me feel like Beyonce when I whip out my shiny, gold wallet and has brought more awareness to when I make a purchase, where I can make a conscious choice to be in a mode of appreciation.


Write a love letter to Money

This practice comes from Peta Kelly and if done with all your heart, has the potent power to shift some SHIT that you have with Money. I capitalise the word ‘Money’ to give it a sense of character, personality, as an invitation to relate to Money in a new way, not as this ‘thing’ that we all use, but as a being, an anergy, a life force.

Action: carve out 30 minutes with your phone off and your journal open. This letter is essentially your place to dish out whatever frustration, hurt, guilt, confusion, anger etc you have toward money that might be emotionally blocking it reaching you. So, dump away. Fill a page and don’t stop to edit, be ruthless and purge out all the heavy, dense beliefs or unhealed experiences you’ve had with Money.

Once that feels cleared (check in to see if there’s more and go there! Get. it. out.), begin noting your gratitudes to Money. When Money has shown up for you, what it’s brought in to your life, material possessions, clean water, electricity, wifi, travel, gifts, whatever… keep going until you feel your vibe shift in to one of gratitude. Not intellectual - EMBODIED appreciation.

An example excerpt from a letter to Money from a past client of mine:

“I sit here; in patience, in presence with music filling my ears to outburst all the held emotions, stories and bullshit beliefs I have held towards you. Money. Towards myself. Restricting myself from the good and ease that could come day to day.

I picked up a lot of outside beliefs about you. My parents were scared. They lived out of scarcity. I could sense it. I mean we had everything we needed but it wasn’t enough. And oh no it didn't come easy.

It was a constant reminder of how HARD money is to receive. But what if, it wasn’t that hard?”

I’d LOVE to see a part of your money story. Be sure to post a snippet on an Instagram post or story and tag me in it @spiritedseeker so I can re-share your commitment to a new way!

My flashy lush gold wallet and it’s contents: a citrine crystal in the coin compartment to manifest abundance and my  Sacred Intention Card  that I read each time I make a purchase.

My flashy lush gold wallet and it’s contents: a citrine crystal in the coin compartment to manifest abundance and my Sacred Intention Card that I read each time I make a purchase.

Reading a daily script or phrase

My dear friend Dan Harrison, CFP (who guided me through the 6 week mastermind, A Course in Conscious Wealth) offers this to each client: write a phrase on a card that they can reach each day. His format goes along the lines of “I am so happy and grateful now that….” and you fill in the blank with your money goal. For example, “I am so happy and grateful now that I have $10k in a savings account for my dream home that I have just moved in to. I’m so excited to fill this abode with beautiful things that make me feel grounded and to invest in art I adore, plants that give life to the space and lush linen sheets.”

I expanded on just having a phrase and read a section on Money each morning in my script. Here’s a snippet:

I make money easily and effortlessly. My clients make money easily and effortlessly. I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me. I’m surrounded by wealth. My success is necessary. My money and business feels effortless thanks to the systems in place for investing, circulating, sales, contribution, marketing and making epic shit happen. This rapid growth has me totally lit up in the endless potential for what else can be possible! Wildly prosperous. Affluent AF. I am anew, and it feels so fucking golden to be the creator of my stories, the intentional and masterful maker of my beautiful life.”

Write your phrase or your script and commit to taking a sacred pause each morning to read it with every cell of your being.

spirited seeker conscious wealth money magnet

Invest in an object to ‘anchor’ a state of abundance

This is my go-to when I need to shake off any scarcity and slip back in to a mode of abundance. I bought this ring ☝️ for myself when I started Spirited Seeker. It still is the most expensive piece of jewellery I own and at the time it cost half my bank account when I was making websites for $200 a pop. The design on this ring literally is infused with ‘infinite abundance’ which it was also named, and investing in it, to me, felt like taking responsibility fo my business and money in a way I hadn’t before (being a blamey victim was very comfy for me back then).

When I first got the ring, my intention was to ‘program’ it to carry this frequency of affluence, so every time I put it on, I feel a burst of energy, of remembrance of my innate worthiness to receive.

This is the power of association at play. In other cases, association looks like habit forming - for example, perhaps each night you have a snack on the couch, so that place on the couch will encourage you to eat each time you sit on it. Or maybe you had food poisoning with a certain type of food that now you still associate that food with feeling nauseas. Get me? We can use this function of our minds to support us by owning our power of choice.

What materialistic item feels too lush, too much, too luxurious, too rich, too bold, for you?

What item could you program to activating a sense of abundance when you wear it/do it?

Tell me in the comments below!

Don’t be too woke for APPRECIATION

Ah, the most accessible of them all — APPRECIATION gets easily forgotten when we’re on the hunt for our dreams to manifest. I know I have got caught up in a million other ways I assumed would make me ‘feel better’ (like stuffing my face with content and missing the damn moment). Gratitude is still where it’s at, loveheads. I’m not talking writing lists just to get it down on paper.

Appreciation only ‘works’ when you FUCKING FEEL IT.

Raise your vibe by attuning to all that is going RIGHT in your world right now.

I promise, even when shit is crazy, there are endless things to be grateful for (even your pain).

In the comments below, tell me 5 things you’re in appreciation of RIGHT NOW when it comes to Money 👇 and just notice your state shift. From a higher frequency of being, we access creative solutions to our fear-based problems.

If we’re stuck in fear, we can’t be connected to our source, our heart, our boundless life energy. Health doesn’t happen here. We need to find ways to anchor in to our bodies, come home to the present moment and create safety and security for ourselves. If we can do that in this moment, we open up to a better-feeling state of trust that we’re always taken care of.

May Money magically manifest to you in ways that surprise and delight you,

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OH! I created a playlist for you to shake your money maker to and get in the feels of what it means to be rich for you. Listen to it here.