How The Fuck Do I 'Let Go'?


You can’t think your way to surrender…

It’s an energetic, emotional and experiential embodiment.

We have a funny way of denying our humanness in the western culture. We cling on to our youth through cosmetics and injections, put rules and timelines on our emotional response to a loss like a death or breakup, and highly emphasise attainment as success, and losing as failure.

We have big trouble letting go.

In this audio blog, I’ll give you:

  • A few prompts to lead you to the edge of where you’re holding on

  • 5 minute quick and easy process to allow stuck emotion to rise and release

  • Insight in to why we don’t let go

  • Playful practices to implement that support you in letting go of what is no longer needed or serving your highest good

How did you feel after this process? I’d love to hear what your relationship is like with release + surrender, and what becomes POSSIBLE for you if you were to embrace letting go?

Journaling prompts mentioned:

  • If I were to get radically honest with myself, what am I clinging to? (Role, idea, belief, person, job etc).

  • What is the cost of holding on? (For my soul, my relationships, my bank account, my purpose, my life).

  • If I were to become 5% more trusting that my needs are always met and the universe has got my back, what action would I take?


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