How To Sync Your Schedule To Your Cycle + Harness Your Feminine Energy

If you’re a woman reading this, I need to remind you something important: you’re not a man. I know, duh, but how many of us on an emotional and energetic level believe we can match the masculine way of being? Your feminine energy works in ebbs and flows, and that is your superpower. Learn how to create your calendar according to the different phases of your cycle and truly empower yourself from the guilt and shame of your cyclic being-ness.

Love note: we’re gonna be talking about a subject that is typically taboo — hopefully, that isn’t the case in your conversations between friends and lovers, but I have found no matter where we are with our self acceptance and openness, there are more layers to be shed (pun intended). This post isn’t just for those who bleed - all are welcome to understand this and encourage any hidden shame out of our humanness.

Why I’m Sharing This Information

For one, womens empowerment is dear to me as I know the psychic pain of feeling all the things that we can be exposed to in a patriarchal society: not good enough, dirty, wrong, bad, naughty, too much, in danger, numb, disconnected, disembodied…. the list could go on, am I right? BUT I believe what we’re here on earth to do RIGHT FUCKING NOW is reclaim our wild feminine and create balance and harmony in our way of being, our togetherness as this human tribe.

Coming home to our humanness will bring us equality so what do periods have to do with that?

*(Oh, and for two… recently I said ‘period’ at the lunch table with my family’s friends and a 50-something male I’ve known my entire life blocked his ears and sung ‘la la la la la la’ in avoidance to even hearing the truth that women bleed. That stoked a rage in me, so I’m writing this hoping to influence even a small shift of self love toward the ‘red devil’ that has perhaps been nothing but an inconvenience to you).


Step One: Mapping Your Cycle

We have four phases (or seasons) in each cycle. Don’t be disheartened if right now your bleed is AWOL or irregular — this information will set you up for winning when it returns! Typically, a ‘cycle’ has been seen as a consistent 28 days, but hello, we’re emotional, physical beings and there’s so much that can influence our hormones in this modern world so stay cool if that’s not you.

The phases:
Inner Winter | Phase: Menstruation (your period/bleed) | Days: 1-5 *approx
Inner Spring | Phase: Follicular | Days: 6-13 *approx
Inner Summer | Phase: Ovulatory | Days: 14-21 *approx
Inner Autumn | Phase: Luteal | Days: 22-30 *approx

Each phase/season has certain qualities that can either empower you or lead you to reinforcing all those stories of how not-enough you are. PMS can be the most dreaded time for a woman that suffers pain, and there’s no denying the realness of that — but having our calendars reflect these phases in our cycle mean that we can nourish ourselves in ways that SUPPORT our system (and soul) rather than resist our natural flow.

For example, how many times did I feel wrong for acting out, feeling crazy, getting irritated and wild at others, craving chocolate and carbs just before my bleed? Countless. I’m almost certain you’ve felt similarly. Now that I understand what’s happening in my body (on a physiological level, and how these changes affect our emotional experience) I am able to treat myself with so much more kindness, tenderness and understanding around what my body is actually asking of me (uh, it’s a physical need for more carbs at this time to prep for bleeding, and magnesium relaxes this process too, hence why we crave chocolate). I’ll leave all the science-y stuff for your own research as it absolutely creates some distance between the stories of our society and what is ACTUALLY GOING ON.

My invitation to you: get to know your cycle.

Over two years ago, I got the implanon removed from my arm and began tracking my cycle using this incredible free app called Clue. Every night before I go to bed, I input a few bits of data like cravings, sleep quality, sex drive, digestion, exercise (you can pick and choose what to track) and over time, the app mapped my cycle so I could roughly see where I was at. Pretty quickly (and I was very blessed that my body dropped in to a 28 day consistent cycle from the get go — I’m aware that transitioning off birth control can be a longer process for some) I was able to attune to these phases before needing the proof of the tracking, by noticing my energy rising or falling, my social tendencies and needs changing, how often my mind was on sex or not, the foods I’d be craving… all of this is highly valuable information our body gives us (for free!) and it’s our job to lean in, listen, interpret the best we can, and give ourselves what we need to thrive.

This practice has wholeheartedly brought me closer to my body and allowed me to harness the full power of these energetic shifts each month. I'll tell you more below how I create my schedule to reflect these energies.


Step Two: Sync Your Cycle To Your Schedule

Each month on day one of my cycle (the first day you bleed), it is a ritual of mine to create my calendar for the coming month. I choose this time because ‘Winter’ (menstruation) is when I feel closest to my soul, most inward and reflective, tuned in to the truth. I am discerning, quiet and find delight in self care practices during this time — and what is more #selfcare than acknowledging our energetic and emotional bandwidth for showing up to life?

Let’s do this:

  1. Set sacred space. Play my ceremonial playlists that ground on Soundcloud or Spotify. Candles, incense, airplane mode, palo santo.. whatever witchy shit lights you up.

  2. Split a page in to 4 (symbolic of each phase)

  3. Title each phase, noting the approximate days (these don’t need to be perfect, just a guide)

  4. Input any commitments that already exist in your coming month (ie events, deadlines, social gatherings etc)

  5. Sit in meditation, breathe with your body, tune in to the wisdom of your womb by bringing your awareness to this part of your body. Allow the mind to be there, but melt to the side as the womb speaks more loudly, clearly. She’s been waiting for you to listen, so she’ll communicate with you, be patient.

  6. For each phase, ask your intuition, guidance, womb, spirit or whatever other name you have for this mystical, deeper knowing part of you: What is this phase about for me? What energy would I like to embody here? What’s the general theme of this time of my cycle? Write it all down under each title.

There are qualities of each phase that seem to be common across women, however this is a deeply personal practice, so tune in to what’s right and good for you instead of containing yourself to what it ‘should’ look like according to books, science, opinions of others etc. This can be a dangerous but tempting path as a way to reinforce those ‘wrongs’ about you. Go your own way and don’t be boxed in to specific expectations of each phase.

For example, once I learned that my bleed was a time for rest, I gave myself permission to take the first day of my cycle offline each month and stay in, dismissing exercise for those couple days I was in ‘rest mode’. Buuuut… sometimes, I feel SUPER energised on Day 2, and I’m ready to take on the world already! Resisting this natural flow for me would create inner tension, in attempts to ‘quiet down’ and ‘soften’ myself, ultimately, replaying a pattern that keeps me small and away from the pain of ‘too-much’.

Next, I like to ask my higher guidance what wants to be birthed this month. Projects, connection with certain folks, new things I’d like to try, experiences. Sometimes I work through phase by phase, sometimes it all comes in sporadic moments of clarity. I’ll jot down things like ‘see the sunrise’ in phase two, where it’s easier for me to wake up earlier and feel energised in the AM. Usually, I schedule in a ‘clean out’ of my inbox, camera roll, wardrobe and home space in my Autumn phase as this is the most ready I am to let go of whatever isn’t serving me. I’ll plan some social dates for my Summer phase, we’re I feel like superwoman and most extroverted.

Can you see the gifts of this practice already?

Getting real with the fact that we have a hormonal cycle of 27-35 days (ish) which is completely unlike the 24 hour hormonal cycle of a man means we can liberate ourselves from the outdated stories that have been used to keep us contained, small, stuck, quiet.

We can use the masculine container of a calendar or schedule to hold the foundation for our wild feminine to flow. This is balance, embodied.

What’s your relationship like to your cycle? What are you most curious about when it comes to cultivating more awareness around your phases? Tell me below ☟ and continue the dialogue with yourself, your female friends, and everyooooone! The more we share about this, the more permission slips we give to other women to reclaim the power of their cycle, set down the strive to do it all, and truly come home to their innate power as a woman, a cyclic being, a creator, alchemist, truth teller, sage, mystic, artist, warrior.

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