Cyclic Woman... A Poem For You


Cyclic woman
Stop making yourself so damn wrong for being different versions of yourself
Every damn day
You are the universe in flow
Trying to fit in to a masculine measurement of enough
Stop that shit.
Embrace your multidimensional soul
And dance with each of Her personalities
Her fire
Her softness
Her rage
Her thunder of desire
Her beauty that humbly says,
“Look at me because I am worthy of being seen”.
Take up more space
Stop being over responsible for him, her, the other
Say yes when your bones ignite
And say no when your heart contracts
Can it be that simple?
honouring yourself as a wild woman looks like
Staying indoors when it’s perfect weather, just to read a book
Taking yourself to a movie alone when the sun is high
Holding the eye gaze of a safe stranger who admires you
Walking away from a conversation that turns to gossip
Choosing your friends wisely
Bailing even though you RSVP’d yes (with kindness, but no apology)
Oh yes - stop fucking saying sorry
Just because you exist.
Putting your hand on your heart and sweetly whispering;
“I am here, all for you”.

Emily HassettComment