Emily’s Guide To Grief

Outside is always a good idea.
Sip slowly... even slower.
Ritual offers grounding when life is chaos.
It’s all gonna be okay, always.
Take out your damn ear phones.
Always be kind to strangers in coffee shops — you never know if their path will cross yours again.
Trust in the soul contracts and agreements you made before you come here — they’ll send you on a wild magic carpet ride to the depths of what it means to be fully alive.
Take delight in the simple pleasures.
Give love to bus drivers.
Conscious recklessness is fun as fuck.
Can you open your heart more?
How much love can you let in?
Cacao is legit medicine.
Handwritten notes feel like Christmas Eve.
Rejection suuuuucks. But it turns to gold when you stop rejecting yourself.
Grief is scary only until you fully see it — then it leads you home.
Offer reverence to your body, it’s seriously incredible just as it is.
What you resist is the work — the resistance itself.
Life digs up your shit for you — can you let it be easy for a moment?
Crying in yoga is cathartic.
True joy is in people and places and bites and peaks and music and dance moves and having your own heart.
It’s not recommended to watch Bridget Jones. Ever.
Therapy can be early nights or late ones.
Sweat it out.
Write long lists of what is going right.
Be messy and be glorious.
Take whole days offline.
Try new shit - the kind that freaks you out so you know where your center is 
Take up the whole bed alone and marinate in its cosiness.
Listen to your soul whispers and whisk your own damn self off your own damn feet in romance and fall in love with all that you are.

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