Theme for 2019 ⊹ Tarot Spread + Channelled Musings ⊹


I’ve been playing with oracle cards for so long they feel like old friends. I’ve sat on opposite ends of the planet tapping in to the energies of my *human* friends to give them readings that always offered support and healing guidance for whatever they were moving through — that is my intention here. Please note that although I am using this deck, the messages are coming directly from my inner whispers, so take what feels right + good and leave the rest. I’d love to know if these musings resonate with you — send me a message to share what your personal theme for 2019 is and your dreams + intentions!




We are being urged to let go of the ‘wounded healer’ archetype that seems to be so prolific in this realm of spirited work. The suffering saint is not to be revered — or the new age Mumma that gives all of her medicine outward with nothing left for herself. You know the type. It’s not sustainable. Life wants us to thrive so this archetype must die — let any tendencies of over giving, porous boundaries and hanging up too high in the ethers go. Whether you genuinely dig being a super-vata-anxious type or are playing the victim to the systems you’ve set up (for example, training codependent people to need you and your magic so that you feel valued but become a doormat to their needs), it’s time to get grounded. The clear message here is to connect with nature, which is recurring theme through this reading. Your highly sensitive nature is a GIFT — it’s time to treat it like your superpower, not a hindrance. 

(Middle) THEME FOR 2019:

Devotion. Togetherness. Beauty. Embodying your power as a teacher, without worrying what it is that you teach. It could be as simple as sharing your voice via posting your poetry on social media, bringing pure presence to each interaction with a stranger or going large and undertaking study in an alternative realm that previously you haven’t given yourself permission to explore. I heard recently on a Tony Robbins podcast that there are only 2 states: that of suffering, or a beautiful one. 2019 is about expanding our capacity to HOLD beautiful states instead of letting them come and go like a junk food orgasm. Practice resonance through devoting to practices that connect you with your innate mysticism — meditation, contemplation, dancing, surfing, putting your feet in to the earth, attending events that nourish your soul, creating a ritual or ceremony for yourself that feels sacred. This year has powerful energy to harness for attracting your soul tribe — if you feel alone or not belonging, step fully in to your weirdness and become a magnet for your tribe to find you. By doing the above referenced you will speed up this process. Create beauty wherever you go.


We are being initiated to activate our responsibility for our transformation, more than ever before. No more victimhood. No more blame. No more holding on to the past that keeps you frozen — time to get unstuck and in flow with the Universe, dear one. Things are changing at a cellular level whether you like it or not — you can be a clear channel for healing (not only your traumas and pain, but that of your ancestors and past lives) if you get out of your own damn way. Can you let transformation be easy? Yes, it can be deeply painful at times. This year is when traditional rites of passage rituals and ceremonies will come online in a larger way. We have lost our way within our western culture and are feeling the weight of it — there is an emphasis on spending more time in nature and plugging in to pacha mama’s wisdom of our cyclic nature — gone is the hustle, we are welcoming in a slower pace of Being, more attuned to natures ways of facing and waning. Develop a relationship with the moon, the stars or the sunrise. Give yourself permission to invest in your wellbeing — not just physical, but emotional and energetic.

To the most magical year yet,

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