5 Magical Ways To Be A Money Magnet

Money is NOT the source of all stress or an unnecessary evil (while it’s OK if that’s how it feels to you right now) — it’s currently an inevitable puzzle piece of our paradigm that, if we ACCEPT this truth (instead of use all our energy whining about it) we can activate our power to be emancipated from the scarcity program that runs deep in our society, and choose a new story.

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How To Sync Your Schedule To Your Cycle + Harness Your Feminine Energy

If you’re a woman reading this, I need to remind you something important: you’re not a man. I know, duh, but how many of us on an emotional and energetic level believe we can match the masculine way of being? Your feminine energy works in ebbs and flows, and that is your superpower. Learn how to create your calendar according to the different phases of your cycle and truly empower yourself from the guilt and shame of your cyclic being-ness.

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Reclaiming Our Feminine Pleasure (And How This Will Change The World)

A yoni (Indian Sanskrit for vagina) egg is essentially an egg-shaped crystal (traditionally jade, but I have been using black obsidian) and is a 5000 year old practice from China. Designed to help a woman connect with her pelvic floor in a way that’s honouring, gentle and healing, this practice increases sensitivity and addresses ‘vaginal shut-down’…

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An Ode To My Ex

We don’t see many of these, do we?

That word actually gives me the heebiejeebies a little bit. It feels wrong to use that label for someone that has had such a profound influence on me — so here’s what feels good in my soul over the rules or expectations of our current paradigm —

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