My emotion-based coaching invites you to come home to your body so you can live with presence, intention and clarity.


We want to be seen in our fullness and have the courage to dare to be luminous, strong, wild, fierce and soft.

We just wanna feel whole, damn it.

I know for sure that we can't do it alone, and we're not meant to.

coz running is exhausting, no?

I guide wanderers back home to themselves.

Emily’s natural curiosity and and genuine passion for human beings shines through in her work, she holds space for you to show up just as you are you are in that moment without judgment.
— Kristie, past client

Emotional Alchemy


  • You've read a thousand self help books and still feel that same restless ache for 'the answer'

  • You've given your power, time (and money) to teachers, gurus, courses etc and still feel stuck

  • You feel like you're not supposed to be where you currently are; like you're destined for something... different. Lighter. More.

  • You've travelled the world searching for a sense of 'home'

  • You find it hard to make decisions and often feel confused/stressed/anxious

You align with my coaching style if:

  • You're READY to lean toward your emotional landscape, instead of turning away from yourself

  • You sense you need SOMETHING to ignite the spark of actually living your dream

  • You're a dreamer that can't seem to actually bring your ideas to life or commit to consistent action to making sh*t happen

  • You tend to reject support + feel the pressure of figuring it all out for yourself


  • Identifying the BS stories + fears that are blocking your sense of ease, freedom + inner peace

  • Alchemising overwhelm, confusion + anxiety to calm, centered clarity

  • Releasing the sh*t keeping you stuck

  • Building an empowering relationship to your inner world

  • Awakening your inner guidance system + activating your intuition

  • Soulful support + holding space for you to process the shifts we cultivate together

  • Creating self-care rituals that feel FUN

  • Leaning in to resistance so we can pull the root out of what's blocking you

  • An invitation to reduce stress, slow down + live simply

  • Implementing manifestation practices to encourage living with intention

  • Releasing patterns of control, resentment + attachment that feel heavy

  • Embodying your full self, minus the anxiety/stress/fears/protective mechanisms

how you will feel after working with me:

  • Deeply. Like you've softened in to yourSelf and are less engaged with the busyness of the mind

  • More grounded, self-trusting and HERE, right now

  • You'll know what your next action step is because you'll have connected to the truth

  • Supported. Held. Heard. Seen. Who doesn't want that?

  • Powerful. In control. Expansive. Clear. Calm.

Before our initial call, you'll fill out a questionnaire that gives me an idea of what you're about, who you are, what you want to create, what's blocking you + how I can serve you. When we connect for our calls, you'll be guided through a grounding practice intuitively chosen for you, then we'll get down to the dirty work: diving in to your biggest blocks, unpacking the sh*t that is getting in the way of your greatness + strategising on how to move forward with more self-connection, intention + a fierce yet soft approach to creating the life of your wildest dreams.



alchemise fear in to freedom.

4 X 55 minute sessions $555


let's go deeper.

8 x 55 minute sessions $1100

Both packages include:

+ 55 minute video calls via Zoom

+ Unlimited Email Support
You will have email access to me where you can get ask questions and get support on anything you encounter between sessions.

+ An Initial 30 minute Intention Setting Session
(Not charged as a session). This is a profound invitation to get real about the shifts you're ready + willing to make in order to truly honour yourself + your potential. I'll give you a few more in-depth Q's before this intro intention setting sesh and an uber-fun vision board exercise to get you dreamin' + schemin'.

The small print: One-off clarity calls are available. Correspondence before booking is a must, and you'll be prompted to fill in a questionnaire beforehand to ensure we're an aligned fit, and you get the result you're after. *All rates are charged in USD


Why me?

Good question. Because I actually believe you don't need me at all - but I do know the infinite value of having someone who can see through BS stories that hold you back from living a full-out, turned on and bright life.


I desire to wildly interrupt the game of self help by offering relentless seekers permission to pause.

Because at the core of all change you are your own guru, and it's you that is your own catalyst for emotional alchemy to happen. I'm just the permission slip you've needed to actually listen to your soul, to take action from a heart centred space (and quit with the self-sabotaging behaviours) to understand the concepts of personal responsibility, the dangers of spiritual bypassing and the freedom of 'enoughness' that allow you to take the adventure of a lifetime - that is, the journey back home to yourself.