A 6 Week Immersive journey inviting you home to your deepest truth

Make life feel sacred (every day) & transmute the blocks keeping you stuck in outdated storylines.

i’ll give you the tools to explore your emotional landscape, reclaim your power & unleash the medicine of who you really are.

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ready to take radical responsibility for your most aligned life yet?


a love note from chief channel of spirited seeker, emily

who are you becoming?


I’ve been obsessed with unpacking life’s big questions for as long as I can remember. I’ve invested thousands of hours (and dollars) in my self discovery; crossing continents, building a business and not only learning modalities of ‘healing’ but putting them in to practice to create real shifts in my own experience. From almost 3 months in an ashram undertaking my yogic studies, immersing in an introduction to Andean shamanism and working deeply with the plant medicine of cacao, to facilitating emotional wellbeing group work, teaching yoga on international retreats, studying cognitive behavioural therapy and journeywork and guiding clients to those magical a-ha moments, I’m ecstatic to bring this collection of transformative tools to you in one handy-dandy place.

‘Becoming’ is an important invitation: will you come home to yourself in remembrance of what you’re really here for? Or ignore the intuitive niggle, stay stuck, stagnant and small?

The journey of awakening, and keeping our eyes wide open is no easy feat. It takes a whole medicine bundle of practices, tools and resources to support us in being our biggest, boldest, brightest selves in the speedy-paced modern world we live in: the one that has forgotten the magic.

My intention is to simply remind you to keep remembering.

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You've read a thousand self help books and still feel that same restless ache for 'the answer'

You've given your power, time (and money) to courses, seminars, content etc and still feel stuck

You feel like you're not supposed to be where you currently are; like you're destined for something... different. Lighter. More.

You've travelled the world searching for a sense of 'home'

You find it hard to make decisions and often feel confused/stressed/anxious


As much as I adore expansion and evolution, I was totally sucked in to the self-help rabbit hole for years, drowning in all the ‘shoulds’ of being #woke, over-consuming content and generally swaying madly between ecstatic alignment and a pit of overwhelm, anxiety, self sabotage and despair around why I knew all this stuff yet couldn’t embody it.

It wasn’t until I invested my time and energy fo reals that things really shifted. Immersive experiences are my jam. My clarity appeared. My actions were made from integrity, making discipline feel like ease (say what). My stories around business, money, relationships and what life was meant to look and feel like totally changed, and I felt this gradual homecoming to my body and soul through daily practices that ground and connect me to my self. Game. Changer.

You Align With this offering if:

  • You're READY to lean toward your emotional landscape, instead of turning away from yourself

  • You sense you need SOMETHING to ignite the spark of actually living your dream

  • You're a dreamer that can't seem to actually bring your ideas to life or commit to consistent action to making sh*t happen

  • You tend to reject support + feel the pressure of figuring it all out for yourself

Her guidance, and ability to tap into what your soul is calling for to listen, even if you can’t hear it, was incredible. {Emily} is a radiant light, truly burning bright as an example for all people living in alignment with their soul.  Who better to guide you on your path to do the same?  I’m beyond grateful for her mentorship, and the invaluable skills she assisted me in strengthening for and by self.
— Mel, past client

Here’s what you can expect from ‘becoming’:

  • Identifying the BS stories + fears that are blocking your sense of ease, freedom + inner peace

  • Alchemising overwhelm, confusion + anxiety to calm, centred clarity

  • Releasing the sh*t keeping you stuck

  • Building an empowering relationship to your inner world

  • Awakening your inner guidance system + activating your intuition

  • Soulful support + holding space for you to process the shifts we cultivate together

  • Creating self-care rituals that feel FUN

  • Leaning in to resistance so we can pull the root out of what's blocking you

  • An invitation to reduce stress, slow down + live simply

  • Implementing manifestation practices to encourage living with intention

  • Releasing patterns of control, resentment + attachment that feel heavy

  • Embodying your full self, minus the anxiety/stress/fears/protective mechanisms

The 6 Phases Of becoming



Taking inventory of your life. We’ll put all life areas under a microscope and look at them through the lens of the soul, identifying what needs to be refined in order for you to feel how you wanna feel.



Tap in to your innate creative energy to map out where you’re going, creating a sense of calm clarity as you shift your focus to taking action from intention. We’ll pull your wildest dreams from the ethers and ground them in to Being through visualisation processes.



What needs to be released in order for you to embody your New Way of Being? What stagnant or stuck emotion might be causing self sabotage? I’ll guide you to the parts you need to make contact with that need to be let go of, to create space for what you want to call in.



What does it actually feel like to be in resonance to your own version of Source (truth, soul, spirit etc). How are your preferred states of Being already showing up in your life? What practices and activities cultivate self connection for you? This is where we intentionally build your personalised version of daily ceremony. We’ll create a morning ritual that makes you feel ecstatic to leap out of bed, laying the foundation for an aligned day to unfold.



Who is prone to saying too many ‘yesses’ that aren’t from a place of alignment, and instead made from obligation or because it’s the way it’s always been? In this phase, we tune in to our needs, learn how to set boundaries around our energy and open our awareness to seek delight in the mundane.



What does it mean to surrender? How the f*#k do we do that? We wrap up this immersion by making life feel sacred through letting go of conditions that keep you stuck and in resistance. Tapping in to the energy of the month which is celebration, we reflect, offer appreciation and reset so we can move in to a new year calm, clear and expansive.


The biggest lesson I learnt through my time with Em is to be authentically in my power. Now, if you had told me at the beginning I wouldn’t have really known where to start… Now I feel capable to own my worth, own my actions and step into my goals with power. To allow my heart to guide the way (hell it’s scary, but it feels so good).
— ashleigh, PAST CLIENT

so, sweet seeker — are you ready to come home to who you truly are?

Emily exudes the grounded, divine feminine that I am working to embody.

Emily was able to help me unpack my stuck feminine energy that I didn’t realize was baggage that I energetically was unable to let go on my own. I was searching to “level up” from what felt like the shakiest year of my journey thus far. Emily actually provided me more with what I needed: grounding.

Why did I create this?

Because watching women live in radical alignment moves me. Guiding women in to their bodies lights me up. Leading women through processes that allow them to make contact with emotions that they have ‘wronged’ is when I feel most present. As much as this is for you and your freedom, it’s for all of us — because when one woman comes home to herself, she emits a radiance you can’t buy. The ripple effect of a woman at home in herself is an invitation to all of us to activate our gifts, attune to our needs and ultimately shift the paradigm of how we relate to life.

I Desire To Wildly Interrupt The Game Of Self Help By Offering Relentless Seekers Permission To Pause.

Because at the core of all change you are your own guru, and it's you that is your own catalyst for emotional alchemy to happen. I'm just the permission slip you've needed to actually listen to your soul, to take action from a heart centred space (and quit with the self-sabotaging behaviours) to understand the concepts of personal responsibility, the dangers of spiritual bypassing and the freedom of 'enoughness' that allow you to take the adventure of a lifetime - that is, the journey back home to yourself. 


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