Who Am I?



Guiding Wanderers Back Home To Themselves Is My Nut Butter (Coz I Don't Like Jam).

Emily Hassett is the chief channel of Spirited Seeker - a home for women to adventurously explore their inner realms and intentionally create their outer world. 

Through emotion-based coaching, cacao ceremonies and digital detox retreats, Emily invites you back to your body, safely landing with presence, clarity and delight. 


Oh hey, fancy seeing you here!

I’m Emily. I’m a website maker, emotional alchemy coach and Cacao Ceremony guide. I’m as Australian as they get, the colour Camel is my lifeblood and I refer to my tarot deck for all major life decisions.


Here's how I can support you to create a life more in alignment with your soul:

  • I bring the ethereal in to the REAL with a very practical yet intuitive approach to Website Design. My clients are heart-centered entrepreneurs that are creating the world they wanna see, and I help them stay in their zone of genius by making the whole process headache-free and without any of the techy lingo that other companies scare you with. Wanna bring a website to life? Check out my process here.

  • Emotional alchemy through 1:1 clarity coaching -- aka, guiding you through processes that land you right in your inner home so we can shift blocks and move any stagnant or stuck emotions/stories that might be totally sabotaging your life and holding you back from being the version of yourself you're growing in to. Book a free intro call to see if i'm an aligned fit for your needs here.

I'm pretty obsessed with learning about our inner landscape and how we can approach life with a sense of curiosity, to keep the magic alive. Through my various approaches to working with clients and through teaching yoga (and just generally showing up as a human) I emphasise the importance of PLAY. I reckon we've become a bit too serious about this whole spiritual evolution thing and we're missing the point, so I wanna disrupt the pattern of relentless perfectionism that is being sought after in the self help world with this radical idea:



I'm dead set, yo.

I get it, though. The overwhelm, stress and low moments that come as a by-product of being disconnected from our Soul. I lived there for years, experiencing frequent episodes of full-body-paralysing anxiety, restlessly wandering, chasing perfectionism (fear in a fancy coat), believing that when I did x, y or z I would feel better. I never did, until I went IN. (Insight: stop seeking external validation even through spiritual practice. This emotional exploration stuff works and it's not until you boldly declare that you're ready to lean in, you'll keep dancing around your freedom). 

Anyway. That's a longer story, and you can read my musings over on Insty if you wanna get to know me a little more.